3 Steps to your dream wedding flowers

3 Steps to your dream wedding flowers….

Step 1

Contact us with your wedding date so we can check our availability. We suggest you do this as soon as possible as we do book up quickly.
 If we are available we will:
                        - Email you our ‘estimated pricing guide’
                        - Pencil in a tentative booking for your wedding, this will be held for two weeks only.

Step 2

Within two weeks of receiving our pricing guide you need to book a personal wedding flower consultation, if you do not the tentative booking will be cancelled and the date will become available for other clients.

Step 3

Wedding consultations must be booked in advance, please do not just pop in. They can either be held either:
- Online via Skype

- In person in our floral studio
During this time we run through all of your ideas, seasonal flower availability, discuss various options etc.

* Please note there is a $50 charge for the consultation and quoting process, however if you confirm your booking with us this will come off the final account.